Kosovo National Research School in ICT is end product of 3 years project funded by Erasmus+. The aim of the Kosovo National Research School in ICTis to act as an umbrella for PhD ICT programs in Republic of Kosovo. It will organize trainings, workshops, webinars and other joint activities, in order to advance ICT in Kosovo.

Mission and Objectives of the NRSI

The mission of the NRSI is to enhance the quality and relevance of doctoral degree programmes in ICT through quality development, and high-quality relevant scientific research work. It is aimed to provide expertise and general help in establishing of PhD studies in the ICT field.

In order to fulfill its mission, the NRSI aims to pursue the following main objectives:

  • uniform the criteria for doctoral studies quality assurance in ICT,
  • secure rational and effective usage of the scientific, research data and of the available research infrastructure through resource sharing,
  • increase the critical mass of research on ICT domain,
  • facilitate multidisciplinary studies and research,
  • organize seminars, courses, and conferences for PhD candidates from all higher education institutes or research centers to present their ideas and research,
  • facilitate the internationalization of research work through mentoring and/or co-mentoring with professors from universities outside Kosovo.

The PhD and doctoral studies are organized and realized by the respective member universities.

Guiding principles for the NRSI are:

  • Equality between members of the same level as defined in 1, i.e., equal contribution from each partner institution,
  • Decision-making based on principle of consent,
  • Public interest and quality, maintaining the public interest and quality as the highest priority,
  • Sustainability, i.e., the aspects related to maintaining long-term continuation of the NRSI, if otherwise is not decided.
  • Legislation, i.e Law no.04/l-037 on higher education in the Republic Kosovo

The NRSI’s purpose is to provide general help by facilitating an umbrella for PhD study programs in the field of ICT in Kosovo. It does not provide study programs on its own and it is not a research institute.

PhD study programs facilitated by the NRSI apart from being governed by the provisions of laws on higher education and research in the Republic Kosovo, any other international acts ratified by the Republic of Kosovo regarding the standards of higher education and research, by laws that regulate the activity of higher education and research in Kosovo are also subject to this policy document.