On March 16th, the National Research School in ICT (NRSI) held its first webinar on “Service in the Artificial Intelligence Era”. The webinar featured Dr. Jim Spohrer, a retired industry executive with extensive experience at Apple and IBM, UIDP Senior Fellow, Board of Directors ISSIP and ServCollab.
During the webinar, Dr. Spohrer discussed the summary of the book “Service in the AI Era: Science, Logic, and Architecture Perspective” by Spohrer, Maglio, Vargo, and Warg. The book highlights the importance of upskilling with AI to give and get better service. Dr. Spohrer also discussed the benefits and potential harms of advancing AI capabilities to enhance service systems for people, businesses, universities, cities, and nations. 

Attendees, including students and professors from different countries, raised interesting topics, such as the potential of AI to replace human service providers altogether, its future and the need for policies and regulations in this field.

As the National Research School in ICT is a product of the PhDICTKES project, within the framework of the Erasmus+ program, the participants also discussed various aspects of doctoral studies in ICT, emphasizing the current trends in this field.

The National Research School in ICT aims to provide a platform for knowledge sharing and discussing the latest research trends and development in the field of ICT. With this webinar, our School has successfully started a series of informative sessions to help individuals and organizations navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology.
For more information about the upcoming webinar, click here: https://nrsi-ks.eu/2023/03/responsible-artificial-intelligence-an-inclusive-road-ahead/.

To access the full presentation from Dr. Spohrer follow the link: https://bit.ly/42hGmUt

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