The National Research School in ICT hosted the next thought-provoking webinar titled “Why Are Digital Platforms All the Rage: The Past, Present, and Future of Digital Platforms”. The webinar featured esteemed speaker Dr. Carsten Sørensen, Reader (Associate Professor) in Digital Innovation within Department of Management at The London School of Economics and Political Science who provided valuable insights into the world of digital platforms.

The webinar offered to participants a comprehensive understanding of the origins of the digital platform debate in Information Systems, the current state of research within digital platforms, and the continuous role of these platforms within the context of new digital architectural arrangements.

Dr. Sørensen, known for his expertise in digital innovation, shared his extensive knowledge and experience during the engaging session. Drawing from his research and industry involvement, he highlighted the transformative power of digital platforms and their profound impact on various industries and economies. He delved into the historical context of these platforms, shedding light on their emergence and the challenges they initially faced.

Participants, including students and professors from various partner universities, expressed their appreciation for the webinar’s insightful and informative content. The session sparked an active and open discussion, allowing attendees to actively engage with Dr. Sørensen and exchange ideas on the future prospects of digital platforms.

At the National Research School in ICT, fostering collaboration and providing learning opportunities for students is of utmost importance. Through webinars and other activities, our school strives to enhance students’ abilities in the field of ICT and prepare them for the evolving digital landscape.

Feel free to review the accompanying slides for this webinar. Alternatively, you can access the complete webinar by clicking on the following link:

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